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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Tips On How To Plant A Tree


Trees can be a wonderful addition to your property. Not only do they provide shade during the summer but they also provide habitat for birds, squirrels, and other small creatures. Planting a tree is a lot easier than you might think. Here are some tips that will help ensure that your tree has the best chances of survival:

1. Choose a tree that will grow well in the spot where you plan on putting it. Evaluate the type of soil as well as the amount of sun or shade that the area gets. By looking for a tree that is well-adapted to the growing conditions in your area, it will be much easier for it to thrive.

2. Make sure that you have enough space for the tree. Start by finding out how large the tree will grow. Then, make sure that there is enough clearance for it to reach its full size without running into any obstacles. Along with checking the distance from any buildings or other objects, remember to check overhead for power lines. By planting the tree in an area where it won’t interfere with other items on your property, you can help ensure that you don’t wind up with problems further down the road. If your having second thoughts of doing this yourself we recommend tree service of fort worth.

3. Prepare to dig the hole. Set the potted tree on the ground in the spot where you are going to plant it. Using a shovel, start loosening the sod in a circle around the tree that is roughly two times the diameter of the pot. Once you have the circle marked out, you can remove the tree and pull up the sod. Then, start digging down into the hole until it is as deep as the pot. Don’t dig the hole any deeper than the pot since a hole that is too deep can harm the tree.

4. Remove the tree from the pot and prepare it for planting. To do this, you should use your fingers to gently pull apart the roots at the bottom of the root ball. When a tree is potted, the roots begin to grow in a circle in the shape of the pot. If you don’t break them up before planting the tree, they will continue to grow in a circle, which will limit the tree’s ability to grow. By breaking up the roots and spreading them out, you can encourage the roots to grow outward into the surrounding soil, giving the tree the best chance of survival.

5. Center the tree in the hole and make sure that it is straight. Then, fill the hole back in with the soil that you dug out of it. Once the hole has been filled back in, you should then water the tree thoroughly. Continue watering it periodically until it has a chance to get established. If you have any further questions call tree service fort worth!

These tips for how to plant a tree should make the process of adding a new tree to your property as easy as possible. Planting a tree is well worth the small amount of effort that it takes since it can provide years’ worth of beauty and enjoyment, hire this tree service company.

Learn 4 Ways Trees Can Increase Your Property Value

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? Having them in your yard makes your landscape beautiful, saves energy, and increases your property value.

One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in life is homeownership. If you ever choose to sell the property, then your top priority is going to be profiting from it so you can increase your financial wealth and make your next home more affordable.

If you want to increase the value of your property now, then plant trees, grow them, or add to the ones you have. While you live there, you can enjoy the current benefits of trees that researchers have proven. Those include less anxiety, better physical health, and even a more sociable neighborhood. However, there are 4 ways that trees can add definitive property value to your home and lot: tree trimming fort worth can help you increase value to your property.

1) Beauty That Lasts A Lifetime:

You need to be thinking ahead when it comes to planting trees, particularly for certain breeds and species. Many take years to reach sizes or heights that would be considered mature, and you, of course, want to enjoy the perks of those trees while you’re living there. According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, most mature trees have values ranging from a grand to as high as $10,000. A backyard full of them might cost you seeds and a consultation now, and wind up paying for a swimming pool in your next home’s backyard!

2) See More Green With Tremendous Return On Your Investment:

If you already have trees, then just sprucing up the yard can prove quite profitable. Money magazine has looked into specific projects you can do to boost your home or property value. Bathroom and kitchen remodel are pretty common choices, and bring back 125 percent of the money put into them. Hire the best tree removal fort worth service to take care of your trees for you. However, they’re expensive. Landscaping, on the other hand, isn’t quite as pricey, and you can double any money you put into it, especially using an arborist to help you maintain your existing trees properly.

3) Make The Landscape Visually Interesting:

A lot of trees are specifically valued for qualities such as durability, adaptability sturdiness, easy maintenance, hardiness, and attractiveness. If you want high style with low upkeep, look for things like dwarf conifers or Japanese maples. A local arborist can tell you best what trees would actually grow in your local climate and soil.

4) Enhance Your Energy Savings:

Trees can give you powerful return on your investment long before you sell if you plant them to keep your heating and cooling costs down. That’s because trees can provide shade that cuts down on your utility costs.

The American Power Association has looked into this at depth, and they estimate that truly effective landscaping can cut the cooling bills of some homes in half. An area that doesn’t have trees to shade it can become what they call a ‘heat island’ which runs 12 degrees warmer than it areas that surround it.

The savings aren’t limited to summer heat. If you plant trees towards the northerly or northwestern sides of your property, you might create a green wall against the cold winds of winter, talk to a tree service company in your local area and possibly be reducing your heating costs by a third.

You can enjoy these energy savings while you live there, but also use them as selling points to property buyers.

A certified arborist isn’t just someone you call when you have a dead, sick, or dying tree. In fact, you can call one in even when you don’t have any trees so that they can conduct an evaluation of your property. They can help you decide how to improve your property with trees to enjoy the 4 property value increases listed in this article.

Only Hire A Tree Service That Is Certified And Insured

Whenever you hire a business, it is very important to work with a company that is fully certified and insured. If you are currently looking for an arborist or any type of tree service, this thinking also applies. If they are certified, this means they have gone through the necessary training that allows them to perform tasks that can help you with your trees. If they are insured, if anything goes wrong while they are performing the services, you will know that damages will be covered. This is how you can easily find one of the best tree services in your area that is fully insured and certified as an arborist.

What Type Of Services Do These Businesses Provide?

These services are going to help you with any problems that you have with your trees. Some people contact them in order to prune back trees on their property, or they may need their expertise to determine if they are in some way sick. These experts can diagnose what the problem is, whether this is a virus, bacteria, or mold that has affected the tree. They can also search for infestations from certain bugs that can compromise a tree’s health over time. The companies that will provide you with the best services are always going to be certified. They will have received their certification from a school or company that has trained them in this profession. You should be able to look up information on that school, verify they are real, and also determine if the arborist that you have found has actually gone through their training program.

How To Determine If An Arborist Is Certified And Insured


An arborist is an individual that specializes in the science and art of planting, maintaining, and caring for trees. They are knowledgeable about all types of trees, and the problems that they can develop. They should also be able to prune your tree, or even take an entire tree down with the tools that they will bring with them. You can find out if they are certified by verifying this information by looking at their certification on their website. Part of the certification includes adhering to a certain Code of Ethics, most of which will be ISA Certified. Although this type of certification is voluntary, it is one more thing to look at as you are determining their level of competence and knowledge in this industry. This type of certification is not government endorsed or sponsored. It is provided by the International Society of Arboriculture, something that can be verified by contacting this organization. If they are insured, they can provide proof of this for you, usually a policy number and the name of the company they are obtaining their insurance through. All of this can be done in the span of an hour, allowing you to verify each one that you find and finally choose one that can help you.

What Does It Mean If A Tree Service Is Certified?

A certified arborist is an individual that has been through a full three years of experience working directly in the tree care industry. They will have passed examinations that deal specifically with arboriculture, and there are many chapters of the International Society of Arboriculture nationwide. Over the years, they have expanded their training, now including certifications to become a Utility Specialist. These are individuals that will be able to help you maintain vegetation that is specifically growing around electric utility wires. There is also Municipal Specialist training that can help with maintaining public urban trees. There is also a certification program for becoming a Board Certified Master Arborist. This is the highest certification that is offered. In the same way that Master Electricians have gone through extensive training that allows them to identify every possible electrical problem, Master Arborists are the best in their profession.

What If An Arborist Is Not Insured?

It is possible that an arborist can make a mistake or two as they are treating your trees. They may accidentally fall a tree onto your home or garage, or perhaps they may cut off a few branches that can cause some damage. There is also the possibility that they could injure your tree, and their insurance will cover the cost of helping to restore it, or helping to remove it from your property. If an arborist is not insured, this is something that you would have to cover on your own, and that is why it is so important to work with one of these professionals. Hire an arborist that can help treat trees, you can easily verify if they are insured by looking at information that they will provide directly to you, or information that is currently on their website. It is very important to make sure that they are fully insured to do this type of work on your property.

After evaluating the many tree services in your area, you will soon know which ones are insured and ISA Certified. This will give you confidence knowing that they have received proper training on how to handle any problem that your trees may be experiencing. One other consideration to make is asking friends or family members if they have recently used an arborist in your community. If they have, and they had excellent results with these professionals, you may want to consider using this arborist to help you with your problems. If they are also insured and certified, you will have found the right tree service in your area that can help you with any and all problems that you are having with your trees.